I haven't known you very long,

How we met is not important,

But I was thinking of us last night,

deep inside i knew one day you would come to me

that theres was l and l was you,

I cant deny how crazy things got,

we talk basically about everything,

extending time for as long as we could,

I didnt know reality from a dream.

Wow i couldnt stop looking at your eyes

desiring your lips and have you in my arms

but was this a dream was i really here

was this really you talking next to me.

I've told you all about me,

I have nothing to conceal.

What I say may sound silly now,

but you'll find it to be true...

I never thought that a person

so beautiful and honest like you ever existed

For the first time in my life

it did not feel wrong to hold someone

because a single caress became a symphony,

Insatiable longing, An unquenchable desire.

I knew we wanted bad but we had to hold back,

the moment was an intense battle between reason and desire,

and although my heart was all in to you

my mind knew it wasnt posible

i knew i had to respect you and stop

even though i wanted you close.

Who'd know we'd be getting close in such way

Hanging out at night talking till day,

In your bed holding you tight.

Thinking what would happen if we never met,

but who am i to question the thing God do

because thing happen for reason,

So ill just stay as friend an let things ride ill respect your space

even if it eats me inside.....

by.Felix Vargas

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