Toss and Turn In my bed, my mind's thoughts try to reign.

Everything I feel is like a dream or is it reality,

Wake me up before I begin to sleepwalk.

Our dreams are a hidden reality

Caught up in the web of lies

My dreams give me the world and complete control

In a world where your must biggest fear or your biggest inner thoughts come true is an underworld of clouds.

And there in those clouds my story begins...ZZzzzzz!!

You tell me to hug you and yet something feels wrong...

Something somehow is different...whats goin on?

Because you can’t stop groping me long enough to say it out loud.

This dream it was a vision no it was a fantasy but deep down i know that it was last night...........

You lay your face on my chest and i wonder whats happening.

Your mouth brushes against my lips and you passionately kiss me.

I begin showering your neck with kisses, your hands maneuver to my neck as i slowly remove your sweater

placing gentle kisses upon your skin as it is exposed.

I just want make love to you and feel your skin while you lay next to me, But I stop an look into your warm brown eyes melt my body and soul.

As i carry you in my arms and you kiss me on

as i lay you in bed i think to my self if it was all true... I slowly lay you in bed begin kissing you once again. There's a mess of cloth all over the room but who cares, i have in my arms the most beautiful person i've ever met. I stop to look at you once more your warm brown eyes look at me but you say nothin an just stare, i wonder what goes in your mind what is that you thinking.

I can't believe this all happening, I pray to GOD for all this to be true....Not to be a trick my mind played me...

I begin kissing your neck yet again as i caress your body with my hands. I can feel your hands on my back and your breath on my ear. I feel your body language and the slow movement of your hips rubbing on mine,  passion sinks in our naked flesh as we finally hit ththat point of no return, I think i've gone crazy an im imagining you.

I feel i cant breath is a weird feeling never before experienced, i feel your hands get tight on my back as this crazy act continues,  We both are silent not words but moans are in their place, Your lips more intense than before you hold me  tight, Wow i can't believe this is all happeneing but that feeling of emptiness comes to me once more, I look at you once again.....

Then it hits me reality just sunked in, filling my bones again with the fear of not having you close. Then you speak and the must wonderfull thing youve said: " Only time will tell just let things happens because it all has it course"

and I WOKE UP... All alone in my bed, the fan in my face, and the memories of having you in my arms. I know they aint true but

i also know that they one day they could be.

I dream of making them a reality one day, I will always be dreaming of these dreams, So that I do have hope in life,

The hope that this life is worth living and that dreams come true,But one thing is certain is that if GOD ever grants me with the joy of having you in my life i promise that the outcome of the dream wont happen again because ill always care, love and keep you safe because your very important to me.

I sometimes wonder if you ever knew...That I lay in my bed, dreaming of you. I guess you do now!

In my life I had built up a fantasy in between each page i have written or just merly had a dream of that person i always wanted by me...

"I had almost given up on the fantasy until my fantasy and dreams became reality, that reality became you"

by: Felix A. Vargas

© Felix Vargas

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