The Past

As I sit alone

I cannot help but remember the decisions I did not have the courage to make

and the everlasting regret that comes with it

It is bearable though during the day but at night, 

when I lie alone

her face haunts my dreams.

How am I supposed to face her now?

Months have passed but the pain is still there

The pain of not being good enough,

to be what she wanted me to be,

Every broken promise 

Every foolish mistake

Every glimmer of hope dashed against the rocks of my 

diffident attitude when it came to her.

She was a goddess who briefly visited the cavern of my heart

and now,

all I can do is watch as she difts away 

and I lock my heart up tight 

in a vain attempt to hide the past away

But the pain will never go away

the pain of letting her go and not being good enough

I can only imagine what she feels

Does she feel the pain I do?

But she is doing fine

standing on the shore 

as I drown in the choices of my past


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Learning to look forward is

Learning to look forward is hard, I just loved "cavern of my heart" and "dashed against the rocks" beautifully said! 

Let your teeth show