strange fate in the cards

hourglasses sigh

all The Lovers should meet under meteors

and together watch The Stars fall into bliss

though an irksome sky did not cooperate

and offer the experience i wished for you

or did it, and we not notice?


all The Lovers should bathe in firelight

anointed by heavy smoke and low glow

slow heat builds with out and with in

each burning flame competes for attention

which of The World is real?


strange Wheel of Fortune that brought us here

of all ways we are alike i am stunned to find

my own secret scar upon another body

i hid mine well and now regret so much

you will not see and feel it too


my waking mind harbors doubt and fear

offering asylum to thoughts i thought i banished

i don't mind if you or i get hurt

as long as we both truly exist

please be real, are you really real?


or is this strange sleepwalking dream

a figment of self delusion, a call

back to The Tower to harrow my soul again

i am The Fool, no mere Magician, and held under the spell

of The Sun and The Moon in the same sky.


be very careful what you ask of me

lest i pull us both into oblivion

and i will give you all i am

on one tiny condition

you must be real

please be real

if you ask

i will.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

makes more sense if you know the deepest meaning of the major arcana of the tarot, otherwise most symbolism is utterly wasted.  the tarot is the journey of the fool.

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The Love For The Last



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this relationship DID end in a love triangle, too.

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Is it mystical

I have stayed away from it.

I don't need it coming back on me.

Slight reads I've had.

There is more


I just needed my fix for the night.