why did i let go?

hourglasses sigh

a brightly colored ribbon slipped from my grip

and gusted far away on a jaunty breeze

too fast to chase i stood dumbstruck

as it whipped away into the wooded trees


the silky strip of satin had vexed me all along

i had gently tried to pull it from a very lofty branch

but i couldn't reach it to unsnag it from the tree

to get a better grip i had let my hand unclench


i didn't know i had it until after i released

and helplessly watched the wind sweep it along

while i had been yanking in the wrong direction

i never knew i had it until it was long gone


it floats upon the wind somewhere

and travels hither and yon

i couldn't begin to tell you where it might have gone

keep an eye out for that rainbow in the summer sun


if you find a fetching ribbon dancing in the wind

or maybe see it draped upon a bank of icy snow

if you try your luck and find you hold it by a thread

hold on tight and use both hands and never let it go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

after i saw

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how truueeee

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thanks :)

thanks :)