a bridge lost to transit

hourglasses sigh

long slow ride on a singing track

words of the engineer swim in my head

his wife grows flowers on my favorite graves 

i owe her money once removed.


bleary eyed passengers must think it's morning

lollipop sucking brute of a ticket taker

he plays it stern and professional

takes all my willpower not to laugh


the steady sway lulls me to peace

and i think of someone i never met


surprised by a beautiful lost landmark 

the cracked remains of a footbridge

garish graffiti hides your nouveau charm

what mighty act of willpower can take me back there?


the curves of your architecture 

trace history in lilting patterns

a remnant of a path that was forgotten or unknown

such a rich and vibrant muse if only i were back there


the steady sway lulls me into peace

and i think of someone i never met

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Starward's picture

This is very haunting.

This is very haunting.



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You are

A beautiful dreamer.


and_hera_met_zeus's picture

aww thanks :)

You are a good liar lol just kidding