Another Her

Exploding Hearts

Yes I know her.

I've met her a thousand times before.

Three times last night she darkened my door.


Yes I know her.

Through crafted faces with common names

With seductive smiles below cruel eyes.


And she knows you!

She's got your number wrapped around her finger.

She's playing your puppet heart strings in B minor.


She calls upon you with alligator tears

Oh shining prince to the rescue.

Fill the void left by her absent mate

And reassure her of her innate value.


Yes, I know her.

She did not choose her games

But she masters them every night.


You are not her King of Hearts

Nor her Ace in the hole.

You are phone number 137.

Don't answer.  She'll make another call.


Will you think of me tomorrow

When she keeps you alone on the sidelines

Sabotaging your bonds to other women?

She must never lose her easy prey.


Will you think of me tomorrow 

When you overhear what she says of you?

When you catch her in a dark bar 

Making a lute from another man's heart.


Will you think of me then?

Or will you just move on

Never knowing what you had and lost

Never caring that I lost you to another her.

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There is light and darkness

There is light and darkness here. Great images. Some a bit menacing. Although you do well vocalizing your animosity, one can see beneath the veiled facade that there is still some affections lingering between the lines. One feels the loss, and one feels the antipathy. Many people express forfeiture through resentment, granted a bit muted in this piece, and while your wrath is still subtle, one can feel its full force.One also can embrace inner strenght, and hope within the swells that carry you away from this capsized vessel. 


Late, by myself, in the boat of myself,

loud cover thick. I try to stay

just above the surface,

yet I'm already under

and living with the ocean.

(Rumi )

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thanks aquarianmale :) i love

thanks aquarianmale :) i love rumi!!! it's a perfect addition to your comment.  and you certainly didn't miss much, i'm surprised how much i expressed without realizing it.  the only other undercurrent is i wanted to decribe that game specifically, because i do literally watch it play out several times a night at work, on top of watching it encroach on my personal life.  i think the animosity is more towards the game itself than any individual person caught in it.