angel of strength

my broken heart for you, innocent.

so young.  your life, forever different.

tragically left half orphaned

family life forever broken.

too young to be without your dad.

ten years with him is all you had.

in your eyes your broken heart
your childhood world just fell apart.
anything to wipe away your tiny tears.
to hold your hand and chase away your fears.
i don't know why you chose to open up to me.
i don't know what to tell you, what you need to see.
i can be your angel of strength
even though i am weak.
i can point the way forward
when yesterday is all you seek.
oh sweet blessed creator
of all that is good and right
tell me what to say to this girl
to lead her through the long dark night.
oh ghostly father, hold her in her dreams
because it's not as final as it seems.  
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I like everything

That you write.

That I have read.


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thanks :)

thanks :)