not very good at this

Exploding Hearts

i think i'm supposed to be sleeping

my body must disagree

thoughts turning faster than light

with no other indication of lightness.


you're so far away

and with so little time

i'm left to practice trust

if it's actually a skill.


such a strange human emotion

dependant more on the actions

of people you have never met

clearly based on failure, since none of them are here.


there is no greater measure

of resilience

than the ability to trust

after betrayal.


in this single arena

i am as strong as a flower petal

i endure like the dew

i have the fortitude of egg shells.


those same egg shells you walk on

in your ballet dance

to prove your loyalty every day

to my impossibly short term memory.


or is it intuition

when i read between unwritten lines

and see a fascination

with some other


and wonder if guilt or forbidden fruit

will hold sway

i wonder if you love like this, so real,

or for a new connection, you would throw it all away.


for all the million ways we are alike

we dance in step and foresee our moves

but when we are different, you are alien

a totally unpredictable otherworld creature


and i live in a universe where

no one has the morality of me

i keep lowering my standards for humanity

and still find no bottom.


while the world is full of beautiful girls

more perfect for you

who must await the end of your fascination

with me, who's not even your type. 


i never doubt your love for me

just your ability to keep choosing me

over every other sweetheart that sashays your way

to make the same choice every time, every day.


the strength of all commitment is tested by time.  

if love is to endure through the years

temptation itself is impossible to avoid.  

you hunger for connection, my days are numbered.  


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Really like this

A lot

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thanks :) 

thanks :)