Broken Inside

What happens, when a heart gets broken?
Does it still continue to beat?
Does it end the life of the one who is broken?
Will it ever be whole again?
Can it ever end?

My heart, has been broken once before
Suddenly, I feel a stabbing pain through my heart
I manage to turn around and I see you
Holding a dagger in my chest, twisting it,
With an evil smile on your once beautiful and longed-for face

What did I do to deserve this torture?
Is this revenge for being away so long?
Who knew you were so sadistic?
Why did it have to be me who fell in love with you?
Why did I ever have to meet you?

As I see your face, the emotions playing over it
And perhaps a tiny hint of Pain

When will this sorrow end?
Why do I have to be the victim here?
Or are you more so the victim?
Even more so than me?
My own true love murdered me tonight, How could that be?

As I think all these thoughts
My life flashing before my eyes
Pain washing over me
Enveloping me in an eternity of darkness
And yet it feels so right, to die by your hand

Death is not as bad as it seems
Do not fear it,
Embrace it
Live the life you were given to the fullest potential
You'll never make it out alive

Briefly, a light comes through my darkness
A memory of you
A happy memory
We were together
And happy

That was the day you promised me
But now, it is you who has made me feel so
Broken Inside
I still love you though

I feel my lids grow heavy
And suddenly there is a shuffling of feet
Beside my head
As I look up for what will be the last time,
Expecting your hate-filled eyes

I see a new face
A woman's
A moment it takes me to remember
Who she is
My mother

And hearts
Are fragile
Like glass, they can be shattered
Into millions of tiny fragments

Tears escape me
Finally I see the world end
And I drift
Into an eternity
Of darkness

original poem by: Katie Menzies

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