Cupid Had Mercy on Me

1st poems

I’d like to give away your smile to the moon
So every night I watch it I can think of you.

I want you to understand
That your love matters to me
That by your side
I enjoy the warmth of your embrace
The nectar of your sweet kisses.

You’re the reason I breathe every second
I wish I could know what you are thinking
I desire to be on your chest
Until the sun rises
And we have the lust to become a single person once again.
That’s when I realized that I love you a little more each day.

You strike me with your presence alone
I can’t help but to notice you when you enter the room
I can’t fight my body’s desire to run towards you
I’m weak
I’m only human
On your eyes I lock my gaze
With my lips I write this poem on yours

And here I wonder what else we could be missing,
In this golden twilight,
In our lives that have lived through so much
That have dreamt of the impossible
And seen a million colors.
And just as I hold you in my arms the truth sinks in,
Cupid had mercy on me.

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