highschool hell


here we go again

get up again

tighten up my clothes

every time i see these hangers

i want to hang myself with them

here we go

shoes dress and match

i'm in a every day curse

reliving the same day over and over

going to hell just to satisfy others

i want to hang myself from the roof

watch them stop and stare or would they?

girls with wrist cuts

guys with rope burns around their necks

look myself in the mirror rehearse these prayers

look at me i'm pathetic i'm worthless

doesn't matter

i don't feel the love inside

dead inside  

eating cancer  drinking bone marrow disease

begging for a release

looking for an exit

so many times







so many met their doom

stop it!


it's wrong but it feels so right

filthy thought

nasty mind

murdering inspiration  

i love columbine attitudes

bastards! their ideas were mine

they did it!

i can do it!

look for the guts to do it!

death and a hearse

unlike them i'll do it!

i want to kill myself after i finish them

i know i'll want to do it again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

was written when i was 16

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