Those Eyes

From Your Heart

Those eyes looking at me
I feel them but dont see them
I feel a shiver coming on

Everywhere I go, I feel them
Burning in me,watching me
I feel so alone, what to do?

I sit home alone
Reading a book, get into it
I feel eyes all around

I get up and look around
Dont see anything or anyone
But those eyes are watching

Why do they watch me?
What do they want?
Will they ever stop?

I dont know
But what if?

Those eyes are bright
I love watching them
They take my breath away

Maybe I should be scared
But Im not, for some reason
I feel heat rising

Those eyes have me
I want to see them
I want to feel them

Those eyes, I have seen before
Looking at me
I know it has to be you

That is why I am not scared
Why I feel you
Why I dont mind

Those eyes are yours
My love watching me
Protecting me, loving me

Those eyes were meant
To watch me, to love me
Your eyes I love.

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