My Waiting Is Over

Ocean Deep

I never had love. Had no kisses or hugs
I was lonely and wanted love.
My heart was beating so fast . I wanted another heart to
Beat with mine. Two hearts beating together.

I was not complete. I had no one to share with. No one to
be proud of. We talked so long. Found out how much we really
Was alike. I could feel him wanting me as much as I wanted him.
We Kissed. It was so passionate,

We Always did things together. It was so much fun. We had respect for one another.
Had no secrets. Wanted everything out , so there would be no doubts.
I knew my waiting was over. I had found the one that made my heart come alive.
The minute I saw you. I knew. It was a miracle.

You are so strong and brave. But you never show it. Im so very proud of you.
We go out on the beach and walk along. Kissing as we go. Hand in hand.
Our hearts are together now. Beating as one. Right in tune.
Never miss a beat. We are so happy. Happier then ever before.

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