A Treasure For You

Rose Garden

I hear a prayer every night
Upon the stars so bright
It is your voice I hear
I know it, no matter where I go.

It seems as though, I feel you
Throughout all the skies so blue
I have a treasure for you
I feel yout sweetness, it is before me

I see a room so full of butterflies with
White satin sheets that are shadowed
Your face shows me your love so real
Your standing there before my very soul

I want to think of your memory
As you whisper in my ear
All the sweet nothings, I love to hear
Enough to make me feel like Im on a cloud.

A treasure for you, I will send
I want you to smile
And give me your heart
Where I will think of you

My love comes to you
Straight from heaven above
Where all the angels sing
And you can borrow their wings

You will find me there
I will sing for you
I will be the first face you see
As the stars shine on me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My poems or mostly wrote for my one true love.

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a treasure for you

great poem. another skillfully written poem. keep up the nice work.