Earthly Hell

Was I what I feared the most, a nameless faceless person

some one from nothing came and into nothing went.

Was I what I wanted to be, a person of no past

nothing to hodl me back of taint the future.

Can you be both your dream and your nightmare

walking a thin grey line of indiference to all

Watching and acting but never seeing or interacting

until it is all said and done.

What demon can be all within, the temptation of the fruit

I partook of that forbiden fruit and learned what i should have

Damned forever in a sea of what if maybes and could have beens

Forever to wonder if it may have been possible to live

Forever and always eternally cursed, doomed damned and blessed

Doomed to wander, damned to wonder, blessed to do it for all time

Some imortality this hell be.

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