Tormented Between

Darkened soul, born in hell

Bain upon the land

Reaching out to drag those down

Who will they lost in past

Tormented soul of evil things

With a heart of coldest space

Pull those in with little faith

To the black hole called hell

Anti-light, prowling night

looking for the prey

Of which one breath intises them

And brings the feast this way

Remorseless in it's ritual

Purer than a child

Be wear the smiling face of masks

Who knows what lays within

Take heed those who trust too well

Be weary of the night

Darkness hides so many thing

And yet there still is light

Coldness wanes when touched sencere

be thawed thee darkened heart

Begin a new beat of new rythem

Beat for more than unholy life

What once did no more than push

life fluid called mortal blood

Now beats in new musics tone

A crack in armour shown

Nightshade pushed aside by one

A blind and trusting child

white fur shines in darkest night

Sylin doth slide in

And through this hole the blind can see

where mute lips speak to the deff

The darkness is shuned you say

An angel born free

Assended now with one wing alone

stuck between the planes

once born in hell but now of heaven

this creature here doth dwell

Be it in words or actions show

that reform can come to any

It spends it's time to make amends

for those it killed in past

Yet darkness lurks still within

this thing knows it well

trapped here and banned from heaven

still near the gates of hell

Yet a small beacon reaches out

across this mortal place

calling close this heart to care

and make it love another

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i got the start inspired by spawn, and then i went from there. take it how ever you like, i write for no one but myself.

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