Children of war

I hear the sirens go off,

it means the bombs have been dropped.

I hold my baby brother,

as I scream for mother.

I watch her stumble, than she falls.

I hear some men start to call.

One says he hit the target,

the other asks where he hit it.

I watch my brother start to cry.

I didn't have time to cover his eyes,

but I cover his mouth, so he can't make a sound.

I fear they'd kill us if we're found.

We stay hidden for so long.

I can't believe that mothers gone.

Why would they do that my brother asks,

he tries to be brave but I see through the mask.

I dont have the answers, I'm just as confused,

I dont know what we're sapposed to do.

Our home is broken, our mothers gone,

and still this war continues to go on.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this in class when learning about WW2

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ApandaRae's picture

I like this poem, very touching and beautiful