whats left to be?

As I slowly decrease

The scars will surly increase

As I become invisable

it will be inevitable

The pain will be to much for me

Theres nothing left to be

Im and empy pit now

Can you tell me how?

How could you do this to me

after everything we used to be

I thought you cared

But this aint fair

You dont even see me

So whats left to be

My life was biuld around you

Now Im left without you

Its empy and cold

But i guess i should have known

People always warned me

But i jsut let it be

Now look at me

Theres nother left to be

It seems Im all alone

No place to call home

No one to call my own

Im all alone

I woke up and relized you where There

Even though U were alseep right here

The love and paitene we ones shared

Has left us and i felt the tare

I guess that means we were never ment to be

But now what is left to be?

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