I Hate You Forever

All i wanted was to be loved

by more then whats up above

i wanted to feel worthy

i wanted yo to love me

i guess that was to much to ask

cuz you ended up just being an ass

like all the others that i've met

wasting all this time is a big regret

but i guess i learned alot from you

its that you can't truest people like you

all you thought about was what you wanted

u never even stopped to sort through it

but thats how it is im not surprised

i was always suspishis about you lies

they come so easly start to you

its almost as if they were true

i know its not real i mean how could you love me

after all you've done to me

you hurt my each day

but dont even stop to say

that ur sorry and you love me

even tho i'd know its an act for me

but maybe i thought you acting and lieing

was better then being invisble and dieing

but now its over thats the end

i have to sort out all my true friends

i dont have many but thats okay

it means less drama for another day

so do what you will i dont really care

as long as i am no where near

and i'll try to forget u let you fade into a dream

i wish thats is was all just a dream

a night mare at that but that would be nice

better than knowing that this is real life

but no body said life was gonna be fair

its painful and bumpy but one day you'll be there

were the roads becomes smother for just a bit

to give you a break before toeing with you a bit

thats how life is dont ask me why

its not like im mister know it all guy

this is the rollar coaster of life you see

and we've all got tickets lets cut ourselfs free

lets stop this ride ones and for all

and feel the wind as you fall

and then when ur flate on there ground

its amazing on how much attention you get now

they only nottice when its to late

but you knwo the wouldn't coopperat

but i had to do it to make them see

how much this really effected me

if only they could have seen

maybe this would have never been

but as i leave this life forever

i want you to know I HATE YOU forever.

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inspiring... yeah