Looking Down at You

Looking down and you
don’t light up anymore
you don’t
light up like you used to
I am changed
you are changed
and yet here we stand
given up
and dark
given up and nothing much
you haven’t said anything at all
you haven’t said
and If I light up with you
will I ignite your shorted wires
will I ignite
your affairs
will I blow you up
like you blew me off
to rip my heart into two
perfectly strained pieces
that bled nothing for you
but pulsed all the same
you are my only
you are my only
hope in this world
and that’s not saying much
dear we didn’t get that far
before finger slip
concrete smash
and bitten lip
now our pieces flirt
bloody and swept across the dirt
swept across this mile long dirge
that sings so bitter
that sings so sweet
I have lost my song
I have lost my heart
and I do not wish to open wide
for you or for anyone

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this is an incredibly

this is an incredibly beautiful and affecting piece! I was entranced and full of empathy with every line. It hurts so much but there is a way back and I have been there quite a few times not with similar ideas though similar emotions but the energy has to be put in by one or the other and it has to be 100% pure in its intention but it is mighty powerful!!! Id say almost as powerful as your poem!!! Excellent heartfelt write! May you move on boldly from the place written here. HugSS

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

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Your words cut deep, sister,

Your words cut deep, sister, heart of my heart; blood of my blood; I wipe the residue of hurt upon the hem and toss your words out; Though still stuck in my mind and my skin like a sore; There left to fester and scar my poor soul just as you have done many times before.