I am doll

I am doll
nothing at all
famed prize dull
possession or property
that dared not bite
but bare open lips
like bullet bent
that did not shed
once ounce of ocean
until there you slept

I am alone
I am neither right nor wrong
with passion dripping from
deep throat surgery
dislocate jaw
hanging hocking hindrance
that spoke pervasive points of viewing
circles and endless
of satire and syndicate stepping
marks upon marks on my
cement bitten head

I am disgust
abhorred and absolute
aching and screaming you are
worth every word that stabs me
every word that strangles my heart
every instance of your honest and great humbling,
my wrecking

I am not easily understood
If you are right in every word
then I am mindlessly bare
I am doll
I am possession
I am all eyes
and no ears
an ignorant confession
I am nothing at all

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