Spring 2013


... When in reality, I am a misconception.
I am what I do in the darkness that makes me who you see in the light.
I'm the flame of a candle versus the breeze from
the sighs escaping your lungs
every time I disappoint.
I wield the sword of disarray carelessly.


... When in the darkness I battle my demons;
I'm the strongest, I'm the fastest, but
that's only self consolation.
A rope to lose hold of as my ship sinks
when you come home and
turn on the lights.


... When exposed to the truth: I am pale,
I am sickly, I am weak.
I'm the star you made a wish upon once,
Fading more with every breath I breathe.
With each exhale
the truths you need
are blown away.


... When ill respondant I've become to all
the questions wandering from
your mind to mine, I make headway
to the nearest fire escape.
I make my way away from
all the times I made you swell
to burst with tears;
away from lingering regret
hanging steady over my head.


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