The spitting image of a princess
Loaded mind refracting colors
Like a diamond with a line of laser beam
Hit it and see
Visions clear, unique, at peace
while her heartbeat keeps the beat
Her voice cuts air and cold winds cease.
Near but far, the fable goes
She paints the scapes I can't escape
My heart's found home, none can replace
We laugh like friends, pretend and relate


What would she do if I told her the truth?
Would she run or would she hide?
Or would she keep it alive, I wonder
Keep it alive, I wonder, keep it alive, I hope


Friends, just, yes, but
Her image pushes limits
I would totally go to make it so much more
To make her so adored, by someone so much more
Relating to herself and nope, nobody else
I'm so damn sure of this. I'm so damn sure of this. I'm so damn sure.


She needs to hear my words ring out
Into her ears, passed through her fears
Land soft onto her heart with grace
Just one smile, my hearts beating for days


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