Rainy Day Stupid #42 & 57



The flight path of a bird with no destination
Symmetrical to the line that I walk when I'm restless
When I make big mistakes and stain my collection
Of blood stained books with new conjection


I jerk off in front of my window
With the curtains pulled back so grandma
Can catch a quick glimpse before she kicks
the bucket, starts pushing daisys, is worm food, etcetera.


It's a bummer that the summer only springs up once a year
And so damn sad that I spill youth
All over the floor, behind the door. spewing dreams, tearing seams,
Pretending nothing ever happened, sleeves of green, smiles of glee.


The fact remains, I'm going nowhere
Proof exists that fact is false?
Just spell it out, I'll read it all
Until that day, just let lies fall


If in fact I do
Make it through
To the other side,
Please help me keep
My memory alive


If I become a statue, standing tall, hope for all
Let it be known that I ate shit, just like them, with no real call
I was confused, I got beat up. They left me bruised, my ideals: small
Nobody named, nobody known, no one observed, with no resolve


I don't know how I'll get there or
What happens when I arrive
I sort of hope answers await
Hope like that keeps this alive


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I laughed out loud at the

I laughed out loud at the grandma statement...

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