Start of Another Sad Summer


So much pain I've given out
So much grief I've distributed
So much sadness I've imbued
So many tears I've made to fall


Without regret, remorse, or anticipation
I've dealt out cards without a thought
I've cut all ties without a feeling
I've burned down bridges, there's no rebuilding


So much anger thrown my way
With every thought I'm disappearing
Every bit that's been wished on me
Every last ounce weighs me down


And now

I'm thinking about life
Why I'm not getting a free ride
And I realize that this whole time
I've been no friend to anyone


Can't I be,
At all,
The guy
I imagine myself to be?
I ever read
A guide,
Find A path,
Learn a way,
To be a decent human being?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

workin progress

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