I Am An Alcoholic.

Spring '12


Now I'm alone..
I'm not trying to be,
But my constant need for a drink
Has made me into who I'm really not.


Indebted I am to my friends.
Those who used to get me.
The people I've turned my back on
Watch me fall
Asleep and
Away from them.


In bed with the bottle,
I have become the wolf;
Feral, hostile, a monster.
My rival.


The minutes of fame I love
I buy with hours of shame from
The people I regard, the most,
With respect.

Each hangover brings the realization;
I hate myself
And what I've become.


What happened to the old me?
Where did he run away to?
Why would he accept replacement?
He was so... righteous.


This toothless beast
Reeks of defeat.
He accepts this kind of life
As if he deserves it.

It's a craving so ridiculously
Tough to suppress, the need for a drink and
The need to impress.
Such an ugly craving.


I watch my friends grow tired of
My never ending festival through
Dilated pupils surrounded by
Constant bloodshot


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Looks like you're drinking

Looks like you're drinking coffee in your avatar, so there's hope for you yet.