Summer 11

I'm over all these people who copy and paste
Their reality
You got words to speak?
Spit them out artistically
Plain simple and relentlessly
It's easy, see?
No matter whether or not
You're well read
Or well fed
Or sleep in a bed the size of a ballpark
Your voice is your art and instead
Of keeping it quiet with a whisper
Try shouting out loud like a teacher
Trynna get the attention of a class of fifth graders
In an inner city school
You're you and we all wanna see what you've got to say
If you don't write, or read or spell so well
Or walk, or talk, or have perfect health
Believe it, your story is your center for wealth
Admiration from a world eager to learn
About anyone, yeah even you,
Feels like the big bang brought you to a cosmic conclusion
Where you've found the truth behind the meaning of life
And you're sharing it, loud, with whoever you've cared about
And the cards you'd been dealt? Royal Flush.
Cool, huh?
So jot those words down
We'd all love to read them

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UrbanDictionary :
1. trynna

Short term for "Trying to"
"My girl is always trynna be like Ciara 'cause she looks like her"

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