Red Hexagon


If the stars, up high, can tell so well
Whose company most I would appreciate
Then why, tell me, is it so hard to communicate
A message of emotion?
Of ambition?
A message of feeling?

The signs, signifying threads predestin-like
Threaded through the fabric we wrap ourselves with
When heat remains absent,
When loneliness turns to grief,
When life becomes too tedious,
When breathing turns into a chore.

A full moon.
A rock in the sky,
The most questioned object in human history.
Light taken for granted
But just think, believe for a second, imagine yourself
Your being, your race
Without it.

Who drew the constellations?
Who wrote of the zodiac?
Aries, shining bright
Taurus, so practical
Gemini, with thought
Cancer, full of emotion
Leo, showing dominance
Virgo, spreading affection
Libra, such an open mind
Scorpio, with feeling intense
Saggitarius, most curious
Capricorn, so stable
Aquarius, beaming gentleness
Pisces, with patience

My imagination thinks of things that you and I could do
To each other
On the floor.
Someone else's thought of dots connecting in the sky
Forming life, thought, a connection.

The stars, up above,
Can tell so well, so below.
Yet, when we ask to read results
They're nowhere to be found.
Like the labcoat revoked held in it's pockets.
Scribbled words written,
Telling life after leaving, after broken hearts have mended themselves,
You've weighed out more than you can afford
You beat the house
You've won the game

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Zephyra's picture

Interesting to say the least

I have to say, this reminds me of how my brain sometimes seems to jump from thought to thought without much connection to one another.  Randomness, but then when you bring it all together, you end up seeing that there was not the randomness that you thought was there at first glance.  It's more of a pin point destination that one can not reach unless they wander first in order to find the right path.  The fact that it ends on a sort of melancholy, or desolate note is sad, and leads to a second read to see the daydreams again.  Very nicely done!

jimtwocrows's picture

This is a good  six-sided

This is a good  six-sided poem. I appreciate the work and your inventiveness. Thumbs up!