In the future when we're all enslaved
By microchips implanted in our brains,
We'll be dancing with each other in sync
And we'll sing the songs of unison.
The world will spin, and we'll sleep
according to the binary digits,
and we will wake when we are fully charged.
Our knowledge and our willpower will be the same,
we'll all know what there is to know.
Equality for all under dignified rule. 

In the future when we buzz like worker bees
Pollinating the streets with our matching suits,
and mending the hive to build a better tomorrow,
We will truly be free, and happy.
Mental and physical disorders will be traced,
and a permanent cure will be shared by everyone.
The human race: a machine, the machine.
Our ultimate end depends on it

In the future our species will be perfect.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

god help us if we ever get to this point in what you say in our piece. Humanity will have lost it's humanity and I for one don't want to be around to see that happen.