Life’s a little bit lonely

Without an addiction

There’s nothing to hold me

And make me feel warm

Without being fucked up

And begging for more

I’m sitting at home now

It’s kind of a bore

I wanna be a cool kid yeah

I gotta get high all night

And when I run out

Of powder to snort

I’ll dig in my bank account

And pay for some more

Without an addiction

There is nothing to do

You seem kind of boring

You don’t seem that cool

Whenever you hang out

It’s sort of a crowd

Everyone’s fucked up

They’re being real loud

And there you are sitting

You stare at the floor

While everyone’s fucked up

And begging for more

They ask if you’re okay

They want you to drink

You tell them it’s all good

You’ll go home you think

Say so long goodnight

Say so long goodnight

Drive on home

No swerving for you

Lay in your bed then

It’s something to do

I wanna be a cool kid yeah

I gotta get high tonight

When the vial’s empty

I’ll be ready for more

All my friends are with me

They’re watching me score

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Josh Dionisio's picture

I feel you motherfucker
real shit.