A City Damned

The BLAST came from the house outside

We ran to find the dust settling

We knew not what had actually happened

Our eyes they knew no boundaries

A BLAST again

came from the back

It must be old man mckenzies

The neighbors came running to see what was up

And we lied our mouths shut with shoe glue

The BLASTS kept on coming

One after another

The world shaking kept us off

People were screaming

And bleeding

And peeing

Urination usually occurs

When one is sent flying

Through the air

Ends up dying

When a rusty big pole pokes his back

A BLAST next to my house

My parents weren't acting

The way all the others had been

No fright shock I knew of

They stared when they saw me

A BLAST took them out of this world

And when the dust settled

My eyes opened up

And I saw what was left around me

My friends all had scattered

The sky up was blackened

I felt out of touch with myself

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