Terrific Tuesday

denying december

My life sucks

My back hurts

I don't know how I got this way

And I'm beginning to regret


I ever said

About knowing anything for real

About taking any steps

How did Mickey Mouse get to a brewery?

Why did Jesus Christ play David Blaine?

And where's the fucking food I ordered?

If I yell they'll think it's torture

They'll probably just think that I'm insane

Then they'll spit under my t-bone

Steak that came from some dumb cow

Then I'll chew it up and then I'll

Leave a crummy tip and then I'll

Take the long way home alone

To kill myself third time this week

Terrific Tuesday.

When I get home log on the internet

Post a message on my blog noted:

Killing myself tonight

Any takers for this ride?

We're drinking beers and getting high

I've made a plan

To take



at a


I don't care where this car takes us

I just want our moms to hate us

And our fathers to disown their only sons

Because my life's at a standstill

Like jumping off a windowsill

And free falling face first in freshly poured cement

So if you feel like dying

Then come with me

it's worth trying

We've got absolutely nothing cool to lose

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