Toothpaste For Dinner

Walk on home in my raggedy slacks

I got a passed down coat

And a used backpack

My shirts all stained

It aint that hot

Third time this week

Its covered in slop

Toothpaste for dinner

With a side of floss

Everybodies laughing

Coz were at a loss

We cant afford a salad

Were just scraping by

Don't want to live this in this life

I don't want to cry.

Walking back to school

Its another day

don't want to see those people

Want to run away

All they do is tease me

Every single day

These people, they're predators

And I am their prey


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shawon1982's picture

the name of this poem compelled me to read this. you have nice poems. carry on joshua!

Dr. Zayed Bin Zakir Shawon