The Long and Broken Path

Some people live their lives

They live them right

They have no spite

No anger to destroy delight

They're happy and they smile bright

But some people walk the path

They fight, and laugh

and stray to the side.

They end up on this winding road

With trees, and bees, and bright green leaves

It's pretty for a little bit

But then there comes the end of that

The trees lose color

The leaves turn black

And meanwile

These people try to turn back

But they cant

The road is blocked

And they're forced to walk

Forced to face the outcome

Of their choices

Bear the burden of annoying voices

They're faced with rainy weather now

No trees in sight

To help them out

They all get wet

And start to fret

When they realize this is their life

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lonelymemories's picture

This is a good poem...I can realte to it a lot...Good job....