Art Fags

Mirror mirror on the wall

Who is the artsiest art fag of them all?

Why it's me! No, it's me!

Quiet you!


It is I!

King photographer! My eye

Captured through my

Three thousand dollar camera

Is pure genius! Essential to my ego

Looking down on you through my lens is my favorite past time.

No way sir .gif

That's .jpeg! That's .jpeg!

Anyway jay

It's all about the brush stroke!

Can't you see?

That my minds eye is the key

To seeing is believing?

Why a round vs. a flat?

And a still life is, in fact,

The very essence of natural art!

Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho! A hee hee hee hee hee hee!

I'm so clever..

No you're not!

Who's that?!

Of course it's I!

A true artesian!

A sculptor!

Creating vast amounts of paper weight


I make what the most elegant of people

See as beauty, with true meaning,

And tons of feeling

Naked statues aren't demeaning morality

They're making the world beautiful!

But yeah,

The talents are


But they're

Mostly just useless.

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Brandon Bernstein's picture

I like the way you wrote this, the way your mind processed your own self-discovery. I often think about the usefulness or uselessness of art but I came to a conclusion: If art is cathartic for the artist in some way, it was useful. And often times (if not all the time) art, in whatever form, is useful to the people experiencing it too. Gives other people insight into your world and then they get to take their own perspective from your work. You know?

Just a couple of thoughts. Thanks for sharing.