Horsin' Round

When I see her I think of him

And all the different ways she's let him violate her.

All the holes on her body he's plugged with his dick

Makes me jealous that I didn't get there first.

We cover old cemeteries with buildings,

And use the minerals to raise our crops,

Then eat the crops to grow up strong,

Then fuck ourselves to carry on,

Then carry ourselves until we die,

We're buried in a field.

Where people walk, and mourn, and talk, and fuck

Blanketed by darkness,

In the front seat of a truck.

Like some ancient animal falling in a tar pit

Screeching loud with knowledge of some imminent doom

I lay awake at night

Staring at the ceiling,

Thinking about fucking her, or her, or her

Or all of them, at the same time

And when I think of them,

I think of all the guys that have violently violated them

In their most private of spots

And I get jealous.

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Bravo! Brilliant write!

Bravo! Brilliant write!