That Girl, It Girl, Tall Girl, Small Girl

That girl fucking hates my guts


I was a stupid baby

I whined,

And I cried,

All in vain of course.

I was only doing it for her attention, you see.

It's such a pity.

A pretty

Shameful bowl of shit

I'm full of, true.

She saw right through

The skin she touched and tongued.

She saw my guts

Saw they were black

And they were lined

With shame and grief

Built up over years of mental instability.

And to me it's such a secret

I keep it to myself

Never wanting to let it out,

always toying with the idea.

But eventually it came

Peak pressure reached.



It was such a shame

I was such a stupid kid

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its interesting!

Dr. Zayed Bin Zakir Shawon