Stupid Shitbag

Have you any idea how selfish you were?

Cry about that guy

when I held you in my arms

I knew it from the start

But there was one thing keeping me close

it was hope

that was it

Cry again about the guy

while were hanging at the cafe

What the fuck

It's okay

Just come here I'll give you a hug

Not once did you ask about my problems

you wanted all the attention

A nice girl you are to them

A nice girl you are to me

A piece of shit you are inside

I know I'm causing drama

And teen drama is unwanted

You cry it makes me mad

You say I have no patience

Patience is nothing when you're crying about another guy

That other guy

Your fucking Ex

Fuck that douche

He's going to use you

You're so blind

I hope it happens

No regrets.

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Kyle Hickox's picture

haha, this one made me laugh. i know exacally what your talking about too. ah, stupid girls