You Were Always My Girl

Turn around and follow suit
Get back in line before you lose
Your place by me
Here's what I see
When I stare into your eyes;
I see a girl
Who has no idea
Who she is
Or who she wants to be.
I see a pretty pretty princess
With no prince to call her own.
I see a child
Who's lost a caretaker.
I see no one
To stay with her
I see a home
But no one with the key
To unlock all its doors.
I see a girl
Who knows that right and wrong
Are choices that are made
By people kind of like herself,
She knows that everything's okay.
I see a girl who's wrapped up
Way too tight
With feelings of remorse
I see the same sad girl
Who walks alone
I see a girl
Who's always by the phone
I see a girl
Who fears that all the time
Somebody else will see
Who she really is
And who this sad sad girl
Is trying not to be
I want to tell you that
It's fine by me
For you to be yourself
So instead of moping all alone
Grab my hand and mope with me
Because I'll tell you girl
This place in line
Was saved for you, you see
And time
Will never take your place
No Time could never take your place
No one could ever take your place
In line right next to me

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