These Sentences

Born in July

These sentences end in disgust nowadays

And thoughts of throwing it all away

The click click click of the coffee pot turning on

Turning off

Is enough to think of throwing up

These sentences make no sense and appeal to no

Particular sense

The rents been paid

The cat's been fed

And now you feel

Now you feel like cutting loose

The hair on your chin

The scraggly kind

Crossing the road looking

Both ways and behind

These senseless sentences are waiting

Down an alley

Or on your sketch book


He's smothered

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Lesa Gay's picture

It seems to me that you are speaking of a bad case of Writer's Block here which maybe is because I am going through this very thing myself. What do you do when everything is done and the words refuse to come? You hang in there.

The coffee is always hot on my side of the screen. Drop in sometime. I am just beginning to bring work here so not a whole lot to choose from but maybe you will find something of value. Blessings for your day. Lesa aka Aspiring Angel