You Suck

The irony is that were together

Why can't we just get along with that

Here we are we can't seem to remember

Just what it was that got us into this spat

I was fighting

the good fight

All night long

But I still lost

I still lost to all

The champs

Where the fuck

I got your teddy bear

From my mom's house

I limped there


On a Thursday morning

To pass out on her bed.

Only to find on the pillows

Some plush teddys I had left

I snuggled up and wished for you

My dreams that night

Included me

A renegade cop I was to be

At a gas station

Taking lives

Beating crime

But it ended with a dog

Latching onto my neck

Squeezing me to death

I wake.

I see the time

In the morning

It's late

You were always late

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lavalady's picture

I like this actually! A rush of thoughts and memories. Abstract is good.