Poetry and Time

I thought to write a poem just a few hours ago,

Something of anguish and ecstacy that anyone would know.

I saw it, and I felt it, and I knew it to be true.

That soaring moment held a message for any of you.


I sat in a bar thinking sensation would last.

How could it not, so intense was the feeling that passed.

Monumental peaks crushed by abject desolate woes.

All created from a word from a person who knows.


Density of heart slowed down time.

In my thought I held every sweet rhyme.

Rhythm and verse brought thundering peace.

Depth and poignancy flowed in sweet release.


My life brought a poem just a few hours ago,

But its message and verse no one will ever know.

Sitting in the bar, obligation held me fast.

Alas for my poem, no sensation can ever last.


Even as I sit, memory fades away.

What exactly did I think, how would I say?

Moments are so fleeting as time passes by.

Oh, but in that second, it was nothing to live or die.


Don't be a poet chasing time that's passed away.

Fools dwell on subtle things earlier today.

Instead live your life in the wisdom of a child.

Enjoy every moment now, raw and wild.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Found some old poems.  This one's from my drinking days.

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darkpool's picture

I read this one several

I read this one several times, to savor the ideas and images.

and_hera_met_zeus's picture


i appreciate the time you spent with it, thanks!!!

KindredSpirit's picture

I Love it though

Always caught in the middle.

Should we stay or should we go.

Maybe I should write this down.

Cuz I know with my mind

It will be gone.


and_hera_met_zeus's picture


u think ur mind is bad?  i have absolutely no memory of when or why i wrote this.  and supposedly i was THERE.  hahaha!!!

KindredSpirit's picture

I can relate to it so much

I was feeling low

And really loved it.

I wont change the poem I wrote.

I never do.

It mighta changed on me. ( when i was writing it )

Thats how my poems do me.

Later tonight  ( unless I start drinkin )


and_hera_met_zeus's picture

thanks :)

i'm glad u can relate.  the weird thing is my life has changed so much i kinda can't relate to it anymore.  it's weird.

KindredSpirit's picture


It's kinda sad

When you have to be

The voice of reason.

I guess


and_hera_met_zeus's picture

nah, it's not that.

i guess living in the present moment used to come real naturally.  now i tend to regard the passage of time more like a mortal enemy.  too many old wounds, i guess.

KindredSpirit's picture

It is kinda tough

That is why we write poetry.

Speaking of poetry.

I just wrote  ( more then one )

But at least your not nagging me.

About what ?

I forgot all ready

Haha  ( cuz im not laughing out loud )

I hate to explain  ( ya know ) no more ( explaining ) damn


It is called  " Wilson "

Not the other one