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My name is Ana Paula. I was born in Monterrey, Mexico, in september 29, 1994. I am now 19 years old. I've been studying in Monterrey since I was a little girl. The year of 2011 I went to study to Lanciano, a small town in Italy, near to Rome. I'm now in the university of Tecnologico de Monterrey.

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My Father's Horse

My father´s horse name is Frances. He is big, brown and beautiful. Unfortunately he is really old now so he can´t be ridden anymore. My father loves horses since he was a little boy. He used to go to school in horse and he will spend most of his afternoons playing, feeding of bathing horses. My grandparent didn´t let him own a horse so he used the ones from his uncle. It was until 1998 when he bought his own horse, Frances. My father used to ride him every day before going to work. In the mornings he will jump out of bed with such a joy to start his day ridding Frances. Sometimes my dad will leave earlier his work to see how Frances was doing. Sometimes he will go out at nights to the stable and he will give Frances something to eat. Through those years my dad teach me how to ride Frances and I think he though me just fine. I´m not a bad rider neither a good one, depending on how you look at it. At the beginning of the horseback riding lessons I felt from the horses because I used to get nervous, but I start trusting myself, because if not I would keep falling. My father rode Frances not for competing, but just for fun. Whether if my father was good or not, he kept riding for many years. He just loves the experience, the liberty, the feeling. Riding Frances was one of the things he enjoyed the most. On the weekends we will go to the stable and ride together. I will feel the wind whipping my ears; I will feel the wind running through my hair. Frances is one of a kind, he might be old now, but he is still the same big, brown and beautiful horse that was before. Years has passed by, but I can still remember all those Sundays that I sat on the ground and watch all the horses gallop at an amazing speed, at the speed of light. I can still hear all the pounding feet loud and clear but specially, I can still remember my father riding Frances. After watching them for hours I will go back home to talk about how wonderful my afternoon was to my family. I will never forget those moments I spend with my father and Frances, because they are now a wonderful memory that will always be in my heart. (415)


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