Love and Pain

Pretend we are grandiose lovers

Passionately enthralled

Pretend you are blissfully spellbound

By Juliet within ecstasy’s walls

Pretend my heart songs entrance you

Pulling you captive into my cage

Pretend I am your odalisque

On a playful lovers’ stage

Pretend we are equally fascinated

By lingual reciprocating hearts

Pretend we have been punctured

By passion’s fiery darts

Pretend you want the whole of me

And every dripping touch risqué

Pretend as my heart pleads eagerly

That you really feel this way


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wishing can be the most ungratifying and painful emotion....

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This was nice, glad it caught

This was nice, glad it caught my eye. Oh by the way I'm Phil. 

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Thanks Phil. :)

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No doubt about it. 

No doubt about it.  
I think this song is fitting...

Copyright © morningglory

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Nice artwork. Yes befitting.


There are so many.....