Tears of a Prince

Love and Pain

Recollections of your mahogany luster

makes the heart race as a thousand warriors

thundering forward in pursuit of their convictions

Time passes but my thirsting heart does not forget -

subconsciously searching for its ebony compliment

in a bottomless sea of neverending faces

My puzzle of dreams reflects a missing piece

causing hopeful circumstance to die a quiet death

Fibers of my divided conscience buck and rebel

against reality and what is ultimately right

Your addictive vibration

has cast a two-edged spell

that cuts both ways

One side slices the soul within,

infinitely subtracting from my being -

unraveling a mixed web of hurts without,

preventing time from mending old seeping wounds

The opposite thrives on memories

of complete submersion of my focus...

my admiration, adoration...

and the want to kiss away

the tears of a sweet prince...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Pain makes for good material...

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