Glass Eye

Old and strong my grandfather stands still. He will never see the same, as when he was riding down that hill. He was riding a horse so fast they could have never guessed his path, when suddenly he finally crashed. Into a great pile of branches that would change his life forever. He was hurt and felt like he had just rolled down from heaven. He could not see, not the same way as he did before. He was only 12 and was riding God knows what for. A piece of wood had entered his eye and felt like he was going to say his last good bye. Gone blind, his eye had lost its light; he was never going to get it back. Yet, he was not giving up, at least not without a fight. He grew up that way, with just one “good eye” and the other one just as a reminder, a reminder that he should be more careful. Right now, he has a glass ball in his face, it is intimidating and everyone thinks he is fearful. He is a good man who just had bad luck, even though he just has one eye nothing stops him from ridding his truck and has built a life according to what he can see. As a kid they taught me to be respectful so I never asked him about his eye yet this is a story everybody knows and wouldn’t dare to lie. Every time you see him, he has a smile on his face, this means he is happy or at least he seems to be. His life must have been rough leaving with all that blind space wouldn’t it have been better? Getting a leg broken to just sit back and sip some tea? Doctors say he could get a new eye; every nerve in his brain is working! He doesn’t want to. “God wanted me to be this way” he says but, to everyone it seems that he is just afraid to try, He denies being afraid he just says that he is as good as everyone could be at anything including hunting. Hard to believe how a man can get used to this but he did and would have never asked for a different life. He lives on with this dark abyss on his left and this colorful day on his right “It allows me to see both sides of the coin” he says in order to avoid any kind of fright.

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True Story.

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