For Gregory Douglas

Brought into this world by caring, kindhearted souls,

the second of three, extraordinarily handsome young men,

               the boy was born in the ninth month,

the Year of Our Lord, 1959.

Living a youth considered blessed by most,

he was a child possessing high spirits,

   a proper upbringing,

      and a shining prospect of a future.

Developing, perhaps ingrained with from birth,

a taste, and subsequent love, of the musical arts;

   rock n’ roll and blues— his genres of choice.

For every emotion, there was a song to be sung;

for every creative thought, a book to be read.

   The boy’s evolving, ever-growing, mind kept feeding and expressing;

      wisdom gained in adolescence sets the stage for the coming winds.

Progressing through the ranks of education,

from grade to middle to high school;

   the next frontier awaits him, ready to push and test his knowledge,

      from behind doors leading him towards Continued Education;

         work and learning trod along hand-in-hand,

            with the former granting him access to the latter.

Love comes along in the years,

making a home to call its own in the young man’s heart,

   igniting a passion and companionship that’s been refined to the highest quality;

      from school halls to a home nursery, he moves.

Rising first in position on the corporate ladder,

the man and woman’s love for each other spawns something beautiful—

   a family to call their own,

      three living, breathing, wondrous creations come from their blood.

Responsibility takes the man by storm—

the call-to-arms is answered swiftly,

   with great efficiency to his quality of work;

      the man becomes not a dad, but a father.

Through many long, different years,

some joyous whilst others be riddled with ardor and worry,

   the father has endured and always been a shining inspiration to his clan:

      the Figurehead to a future of three young minds of great destiny.

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