My Queen

An astral plane of existence,

     shimmering with the heavenly glow of honorable souls;

          this is the land my forefathers envisioned in their dreams,

      prowled and scoured the various,

    even lethal,

terrains of this spiritual, celestial reality within the stars.

For within the midst of this cosmic plane,

     intermingled with the collective stardust,

         those souls whose lives were lived by good morals,

       valor, and honorable tasks or deeds performed within their lifetimes,

            there lies a magnificent throne,

          diamond-encrusted and beautiful, shimmering with the aura of a setting sun,

                   atop which there sits the Queen to this realm of the cosmos,

             the ruler over this serene haven of love,

                        of security and passionate, peaceful vibes of ardor.

She sits on her throne,

watching over all the spirits that pass before her;

   be they gleaming souls of puritanical innocence,

                      or those belonging to warriors who’ve died for their intrepid acts--

                   each shall come before her to receive their final judgments.

A merciful queen,

         not one who will make judgments without a reasonable cause for such actions,

                   she sits alone,

          pondering the fates of all who come before her,

              each of them at a kneel,

            awaiting the decision to be made for them for the rest of their spiritual lives.

My soul lingers in the queue of people,

        anxious and slightly intimidated in the presence of such glory,

               patiently awaiting my turn to have my eternal fate decided for me.

       Will I be praised?

My existence has been one of love and tranquility for all those around me,

                  especially towards those I care for,

                           those I would place their lives before mine,

                 but being the shame-riddled, sinful mortal I am,

             will my existence be deemed worthy enough for a life in Paradise?

I desire nothing more than to wander the amber fields,

   grain swaying in the cool, spring breeze,

                     my love’s hand wrapped tightly around my own.

The line dwindles--

I approach the Queen, my head bowed,

                  and await my fate, be it for good fortune or idealized despair.

Head still bowed,

  I feel a hand grasp my left shoulder,

       a warming sensation flowing through my veins and down my spine;

           a visceral shock crawls throughout my nerves,

and I exhale a gentle sigh, a small breath of relief.

Soothing calm courses through my veins and arteries;

          relaxation settles in, numbing my despair,

                       my subtle fears,

        and sweeps away my troubles and worries in a single push.

I open my eyes, the Queen’s vivacious smile and sharp, blue eyes,

                 catch my glance and meet it,


                 filling my soul with a lurid, vibrant sense of security,

                     a comfort previously unknown to my frail spirit.

She smiles,

the smile of an Angel descended from the very heavens,

               taking my hands unto hers with a tender grasp.

                       A switch flips in my heart,

                    igniting a flame which had remained unlit for what felt like a millennia;

           I fall into her embrace,

                 my spirit melting into and merging with hers;

                   I am One with my Angel of Love.

The smile is suddenly erased,

           overtaken by a gentle grin and glittering twinkle in her eyes,

                and my spirit beams brightly,

                     shining brighter than the end result of a million suns going supernova.

I smile, feeling the warm embrace of my Queen,

           my energies completely in-tune with those of her ethereal being;

                 for once, I am whole.

At long last, I am at peace with my passed-on, mortal self;

the missing piece of my heart has been found,

                 hidden amidst the mind fields of those who’ve passed before me,

            restored to me by my Queen of this surreal locale,

                never again to be taken away,

                      bound to hers eternally,

                  until all the stars of the skies come crashing down upon the mortal realm,

               bringing about not only the end of violence and hatred,

                     but also the rebirth of a peaceful, serene existence to call our own.

I gaze my tired, weary eyes into her shimmering, blue irises,

             a special connection molded between the two spirits,

            the Holy and the helpless:

             the gaze is met with a tender, loving, visual response,

                    and another love story for the ages has begun,

taken down,

       one word

at a time.

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