A Poet's Love

Wash away the filth and grime;

   the darkness that has reigned is cleansed,

   swept away by simple words.

Oh, how language has such a hold on the human soul-

   for words can inspire beautiful phrases, induce a warming state of blissful euphoria,

       or invoke the fear of a million hearts screaming agonies to a despairing rhythm.

     Imagine if you will, a pair of lovers:

        passionate, tender, hopelessly drawn to and bound together-

     in both spirit and mind, a union of angelic souls;

           a match made only in Heaven, some would say.

     In the quiet dark hours of their mornings together,

         cuddled with one another in a warm, gentle, loving embrace,

         a single word, when serenely uttered, strengthens the binding of their souls:


Soothing whispers, passed back and forth,

     the caressing warmth of one’s breath upon the other’s ear;

     loving phrases move the spirits f these angels-

      a joyous state of ecstasy overcomes their hearts,

blissful serenity exquisitely written on their warmly smiling faces:

     this is their desired and permanent state of being,

       warmly bound and intertwined with one another.

Two angels, male and female, their souls conjoined for eternity;

     True Love, at last… until death do them part.

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